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Noise at work in the music and entertainment sectors
In April 2008 the existing regulations protecting workers in the music and entertainment sectors from exposure to excessive noise will be replaced by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (Noise Regulations). For other industry sectors these Regulations have been in force since April 2006. The European Directive (2003/10/EC) on which the Regulations are based allowed the music and entertainment sectors a two-year transitional period. This recognised that music is unusual as it is noise deliberately created for enjoyment and therefore practical guidelines are necessary to help workers, employers and freelancers in the music and entertainment sectors protect their hearing and safeguard their careers.

Music and entertainment sectors are defined in the Noise Regulations as all workplaces where a) live music is played or b) recorded music is played in a restaurant, bar, public house, discotheque or nightclub, or alongside live music or a live dramatic or dance performance.

Key messages from the Health and Safety Executive
*There is evidence that exposure to live music can cause hearing damage
*Noise Regulations require each employer to manage the risk to their employees and, where   possible, freelancers
*Control, reduce and monitor exposure to noise
*Many of the controls are simple and cost-effective
*The audience can still enjoy the performance with the controls in place

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uep 83 
  The ER is the plug for musicians. It's unique filters offer flat response attenuation, which basically means they follow the natural frequency response of the ear, but attenuated at either 9, 15 or 25 decibels. Interchangeable filters all in a custom plug, for extra comfort and seal ability.
uep 87
Filtered uep 87
er monitor T15 
uep 87
er monitor T-15

Using our new SQUIDGY material we developed the UEP 87. This ear piece, offers more comfort and flexibility than most. They are the SOFTEST custom plugs available.

Using our new SQUIDGY material we developed the UEP 87. This ear piece, offers more comfort and flexibility than most. They are the SOFTEST custom plugs available. With a filter fitted, to this product, you can tailor your protection device to your environment. Essentially filters are a controlled and measured way of reducing the efficiency of the hearing protection to suit the individual need. The filters are usually at a rating of 30.5, 29.5, 26.5, 22.5 or 18.5.
We can offer this modular, cost effective in-ear-monitor system to be used in conjunction with our ER plugs. Simply remove the existing ER filters and fit directly into the plugs!
If you already have ER9, 15, or 25 you can now add T15 and instantly enhance your listening experience – great for laptops, iPods or MP3 players of any make.
Music monitors (Q tips)
uep 90 Bose
uep 89
Music Monitor
uep 90

Shure uep 89

uep 75 music 'MONITORS' are our revolutionary 'IN EAR' custom-made speaker systems. They offer the protection of our ear plugs, but with great quality audible audio. Excellent for example, for drum rehearsals (playing along to music), using with the METRONOME, and for use in recording studios. Hear every nuance of detail - music as you have never heard before.
uep 90 Bose £62.00 + £2.00 p&p
Designed specifically for Bose in ear speakers, we house this generic design, and incorporate it into a custom plug, with squidgy tips for added comfort and an enhancement of the detail of the sound.
Designed specifically for the high quality Shure speaker range (excludes some models), our gloves house this generic design, and incorporates it into a custom plug for comfort and an enhancement of the detail of the sound.

uep 81

spark plug pocket packs
Generic walkman moulds
uep 81
Spark Plugs

Generic Walkman moulds


These ' WALKMAN MOULDS' can be adapted to a variety of applications, such as the I-pod ear phone, and other personal in-ear earphones, and even the Sony NDREX 70. So a comfortable fit, with some attenuation (figures vary according to application). Spark plugs from Moldex are the official ear plug of NASCAR. Random colours for a little fun. The great performance and average to large fit means no compromise. Excellent all-round choice.
Generic earmoulds are great for holding buds in the ear providing a level of noise attenuation, depending on the integrity of the fit. These will fit most of the standard Walkman style of bud drivers with a diameter range of 14 - 17mm.

micro buds

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Micro Buds
The Elacin ER20-s is a cost effective, ready to use, one-size-fits-all earplug that closely replicates the ear's natural frequency response. The earplugs reduce sound levels by 16 dB while minimizing high frequency roll-off providing high fidelity hearing protection for musicians and users in clubs and concert arenas.
A very small generic entry level music monitor that also acts as an earplug with approximately 20db noise attenuation. Supplied with interchangeable foam and silicon ear tips.

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